Amrutam's year 2017 in Recap: How has this year been for you with Amrutam?

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It is the last day of another year, another twelve months are coming to an end and this year has been very eventful for Amrutam Family.

Amrutam is a herbal and ayurvedic products manufacturing company established a few years back and in these past years, we have grown with all our stakeholders as a family. It makes each one of us at Amrutam, immensely happy to share with you all an experience in form of all Amrutam products to enable us to live healthier and beautiful lives.The year 2017 has been special for Amrutam also because this year, we at Amrutam, have infused young fresh blood in the old wise veins of Amrutam. We have rebranded ourselves entirely and established ourselves in the virtual world as well.

Amrutam`s  Blog also has gained significant popularity and readership across all the corners of the world and all these milestones that we have achieved would not have been possible without all Amrutam Family`s support.  We thank each one of you for being a part of Amrutam Family.

It was only at the beginning of this year 2006 that Amrutam`s  founder Mr. Ashok Gupta with his decades-old experience and passion for the field of Ayurveda started formulating malts.
Malt is the Kaadha काढ़ा of the modern day, extracted out of herbs and spices - malt or kaadha काढ़ा is formulated at Amrutam with intensive care and love, as we wish to serve not just a product but an experience to all our family members.


In earlier days, juices of special herbal plants and spices were extracted and processed in a scientific manner; the ingredients were accurately measured and heated to a predefined temperature to achieve the final malt with its special properties. Amrutam family considers malts as an effective recipe for not just the eradication of illness from the root, but also for the prevention of diseases. We believe that being healthy does not mean just being abstained from any disease but also, feeling healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Amrutam Malts help us achieve this by maintaining the balance of different fluids in our body, also known as doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

Amrutam`s Range of Malts is as following:

1.) Amrutam Gold Malt- For Overall Health and Immunity
2.) Brainkey Gold Malt- A Tonic for your Mental Health
3.) Child Care Malt- A Herbal Supplement for Child Care
4.) Flukey Malt- A Herbal Remedy for Viral Infections
5.) Keyliv Malt- A Complete Care for Liver
6.) Kuntal Care Herbal Malt- A Herbal Remedy for Hair Care
7.) Lozenge Malt- A Remedy for Respiratory Complaints
8.) Nari Sondarya Malt- Complete Care for Women`s Health and Beauty
9.) Orthokey Gold Malt- A Key Remedy for Orthopedic Management

10.) Zeo Malt- A Key Remedy for Stomach Problems

In case, you wish to learn more about Amrutam malts you can drop us an email at or check these malts on our website. You can also call us at +91 8770529850 in case of any inquiries or questions related to Amrutam.

This year, in 2017 we have also introduced a range of oils and other products.
Oils have been in use by various communities in the world, across different cultures for centuries now. The purpose of applying oils to one's body and hair is varied, for sacred purposes, for healing purposes. In the year 1994, a Bubonic plague outbreak happened in the southcentral and southwestern India. A Bubonic Plague is a plague caused by Yersinia pestis bacterium and to fight this bacterium ayurvedic oils were used popularly.

Apart from the healing purposes, oils, traditionally have also been used to enhance one`s beauty and health. Ancient Greek and Egyptian show an abundance of evidence of oils with ingredients such as honey, Eucalyptus, Almond Oil etc being used to enhance one`s beauty and health.

We, at Amrutam, with these historical ideas in mind, have brought to you and all Amrutam family members, a range of Oils, each of which has a special purpose and a fragrance.

Amrutam Range of Oils is as following:

1.) Kuntal Care Hair Oil- For Hair Revitalising and Strengthening
Nari Sondarya Oil- For Enhancement of Beauty and Health of Women
Orthokey Oil- Useful in All Types of Body Pain
4.) S
kinkey Oil- A Key Remedy for all kinds of Skin Diseases

Amrutam along with its range of Malts and Oils have introduced other products as well, such as  Amrutam Kuntal Care- do-it-yourself hair spa and Amrutam Kuntal Care Shampoo in Amrutam`s premium range of products.

Along, with all these products Amrutam takes much pride in presenting to you, Amrutam`s  Orthokey Gold Capsules which have been loved by all, standing as the highest selling product of this year.

We wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!

Thank you for being an Amrutam reader.

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Amrutam Face Clean Up Reviews

Currently on my second bottle and happy with how this product has kept acne & breakouts in check. It doesn't leave the skin too dry and also doubles as a face mask.

Juhi Bhatt

Amrutam face clean up works great on any skin type, it has helped me keep my skin inflammation in check, helps with acne and clear the open pores. Continuous usage has helped lighten the pigmentation and scars as well. I have recommended the face clean up to many people and they have all loved it!!

Sakshi Dobhal

This really changed the game of how to maintain skin soft supple and glowing! I’m using it since few weeks and see hell lot of difference in the skin I had before and now. I don’t need any makeup or foundation to cover my skin imperfections since now they are slowly fading away after I started using this! I would say this product doesn’t need any kind of review because it’s above par than expected. It’s a blind buy honestly . I’m looking forward to buy more products and repeat this regularly henceforth.

Shruthu Nayak

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