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Stress can dull even the sharpest mind. Unaddressed, stress can physically damage your brain and sap your energy. Most of the damage is wreaked by cortical, one of the hormones secreted in response to stress. In moderate amounts it is harmful, but when it is produced in excess, day after day, it is toxic enough to kill brain cells by the billion! The key is to set regular time aside for relaxation, which is the best way to boost mental energy. Try each of these exercises at least once during the week.

Write yourself a new life script

Boost your vitality with some positive ‘self-talk. The unconscious mind will always follow the stronger of two thoughts. If you ‘I can’t cope’ or ‘I’m too tried to cope’, that is the reality you will create. Write down some positive thoughts, such as ‘I can cope’, ‘I am full of energy’ and ‘I can direct my life the way I want it to be’. Then repeat your positive thoughts to yourself regularly.Brainkey Gold Malt

Breathe and regenerate

Breathing exercises are a good way to revitalize the mind. Try the Breath of fire, a yoga exercise that increases inner calm and stimulates nerves in the abdominal cavity, causing no the release of energy-boosting or adrenaline.

Inhale and exhale rapidly through your nostrils, without pausing between breaths. Concentrate on keeping your chest relaxed, and feel your diaphragm moving up and down with the breaths. You may feel light-headed but don’t worry. The breath of fire produces relaxing alpha waves in the brain and also increases the level of oxygen in your blood, increasing mental alertness.

Watch a funny movie

This week set aside time to watch a video of your favorite comedy film-anything that you can rely on to give you a really good laugh! According to some expert, laughter is like ‘stationary jogging’, or ‘internal aerobic’; a good hearty belly laugh has similar invigorating effects to going gym. It lowers your blood pressure, relaxes muscle tension, boosts your immune system and releases feel-good endorphins. It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to pep you up and increase your energy levels!

We would also recommend you to start taking Brainkey Gold Malt two spoons a day, to prevent stress & anxiety. It will also help you improve your memory as well.


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