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Our elders have always told us the importance of the firsts, the first day of school, the first day of work, the first day of your relationship and every first matters.

Today is the first day of the new year- 2018.
As the western saying goes “First Impressions are the last”, that is true not only for others but for ourselves as well. Our first impression of ourselves on the first day of the year matters, because every first matters.

So today, with a beginning let us learn 7 Amrutam Healthy Habits:

Amrutam Healthy Habits matters, because your health matters to us.

#1.  How do you fall asleep?

In one of the recent yoga workshop that Amrutam`s team members attended.
It was taught how the way your body lands on the bed makes so much of a difference to your lower back.
So for all those Amrutam family members having complaints about lower back pain.
Let us tell you that you have been falling asleep the wrong way.
You should not directly land on your bed on your lower back, you should first sit on your bed, slide down sideways and then turn straight. Going through these three simple steps will help you avoid lower back pain.

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#2. Move your Body

Exercise, go for a walk or just dance. Whatever it is that you like, keep performing because it is important for our bodies to keep moving.
Exercising has wonderful short run and long run benefits. Exercising helps us improving our mood, increases our energy levels, helps boosting our memory and nourishing the health of our brain. There are numerous benefits of exercising, a lot of which all of us already know. It is important to practice we know, to take good care of ourselves.

Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt is an ayurvedic formulation for the health and performance of our mind. The ingredients of Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt like Shankh Pushpin, Brahmi, Jatamansi and Ashwagandha are very beneficial in the treatment of anxiety neurosis and mental fatigue.

#3 Make your Bed just after Waking Up

Let us accept it, we love being lazy. Everyone loves being lazy, at times. However, if you look within and question the purpose of laziness- laziness itself will run away. A very simple way to push the lazy vibes away from you it to start making your bed as soon as you would wake up, this would help making you active and gather your thoughts from the night and your thoughts about today and make you more mindful. So, get up and make your bed.


Have you heard of Amrutam Gold Malt?
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#4 One Thing at a Time

Often while forming our new years resolutions, we go very rigidly about changing our habits and defining our goals. Let us do this year, let us go slow and steady.
As a friend and I, tell to each other very often- “One thing at a time”.
It is very important to realize your human limitations even if you consider yourself a Superman.
Just know that even superman has limitation- he cannot be as fast as flash.
So this year, choose one simple thing or a habit you wish to change with Amrutam, you can tell us about it.
Once you have changed this habit, then you can go on changing others.

Remember, One Thing at a Time.
For instance, if you are trying to quit smoking. Go at your own pace, about it.
If you can quit it altogether or you can slowly start substituting your cigarettes with something which you like and is healthy as well. Substitute your cigarette with an apple, if you like. Every time you feel like smoking, grab an apple.

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#5 Observe your Breathe 

Osho has said a lot many times in his discourses, observe your breathe. Be mindful of every activity that you are doing, be it a simple task of brushing your teeth.  There are a lot of benefits associated with being mindful of your breathing, as research points out. It will help you reduce stress, it will help you reduce the pace of your heartbeat and stabilize your Blood Pressure.
You can simply start observing your breath when you wake up in morning or while you are going to sleep in night, make sure there are less or no distractions around you.

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Thank you for being an Amrutam reader.

We would love to know about the healthy habits you wish to practice this year or you have been practising. Drop us a mail at care@amrutam.co.in  and tell about your healthy habits.




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