The Vedic Connection between Ayurveda and Jyotish Vidya

Ayurveda is a vast and scientific healing system that is practiced in India for thousands of years. Some scholars even call it the fifth Veda. Ayurveda heals your doshas or body constitution with the help of a conducive diet and lifestyle. It uses herbs and medicinal plants that counter the negative impact of diseases.

Jyotish Vidya or Astrology studies the cosmic energies of planets and their influence on you. It was introduced in the Rig Veda. Each planet corresponds to certain personality traits or body parts in Jyotish Vidya. Based on the position of the planet in your birth chart, diseases or injuries can be predicted or analyzed. In short, Astrology examines cosmic influences to heal you.

Hence, Ayurveda and Astrology are inter-related and should be understood together to predict the illnesses that might arise (Astrology) and implement the correct diet and lifestyle to reduce them (Ayurveda). The two wonderful sciences can help us to live in harmony with nature, which is the need of the hour.

Ayurveda is based on three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha that correspond to air, fire, earth and water elements. Similarly, the twelve zodiac signs in Astrology are divided into the same four elements. Let’s understand this better in the following table:


Dosha Element Specific Characteristics Astrological Signs Corresponding Planets
Vata Air
  • Generally slim (thin)
  • Can’t concentrate easily
  • Experiences cold very easily
  • Needs instant gratification
  • Eats quickly and at odd times


  • Gemini
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Mercury
  • Saturn
  • Venus
  • Rahu
Pitta Fire
  • Has a well-balanced figure
  • Likes action
  • Hot tempered
  • Poor appetite owing to a busy lifestyle
  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius
  • Scorpio
  • Mars
  • Sun
  • Jupiter (secondary)
  • Ketu
Kapha Earth and Water
  • Often obese
  • Slow
  • Calm and thoughtful
  • Great appetite


  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Pisces
  • Moon
  • Venus (primary)
  • Jupiter (primary)
  • Saturn (secondary)


When you approach an Ayurvedic doctor, for relief from any ailment, they will first check your dosha to learn the cause of the illness. Then, the doctor will analyze your birth horoscope to find out the malefic planet responsible for it. For instance, insomnia is caused by Vata imbalance and the malefic position of the moon in the horoscope. While allopathy may give a quick fix, Ayurveda suggests a natural remedy that not only cures the illness but also harmonizes the imbalanced dosha.

Hence, it becomes imperative to understand your body functioning (Ayurveda) and the purpose of your journey in this world (Astrology). The amazing combination of Ayurveda and Jyotish Vidya enables us to heal physically, psychologically, and spiritually. By using the tools of the universe, right from stars and planets to medicinal herbs, there is nothing that you cannot treat or overcome. And, doing so will help you to unite with the Cosmos.

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