Amrutam Sadasya Referrals

Amrutam Sadasya Referrals

You can now refer your friends and family and let them know all the amazing benefits of the Amrutam Sadasya Yearly Membership.

If the individual you refer chooses to become an Amrutam Sadasya using your referral code then both you and the individual you referred will win 200 assured Amrutam Wallet Points. These wallets points can be used on all purchases on Amrutam’s e-store (

If you have subscribed for the Amrutam Sadasya Yearly Membership, your unique referral code will be sent across to you via an email.

Do spread the word about Amrutam Sadasya Yearly Membership!

Please note, the Amrutam Sadasya Referral code is only for the membership and cannot be applied for any products on our e-store ( Your referral code will be active till 29th February 2020 and it will expire after that.