How to Celebrate Holi 2023 the Eco-friendly Way

The onset of Spring marks the preparatory beginnings of one of the most awaited festivals - Holi. A celebration of joy, colors and togetherness, Holi is where we come together to eat delicious mithais, smother each other with Gulal, and drink thandais

Known to bring a vibe of fun and playfulness, over the years, this festival has also unfortunately earned a reputation of harming the environment (and our body). 

How Holi Harms the Environment (and You)

Playing Holi with industrially made, chemical-infused colors damages your skin and hair health. Some of these artificial colors are also made with heavy metals and asbestos or silica that may even damage your eyes. 

When these colors are thrown in air and water, they lead to severe pollution releasing harmful particles in air and water. Additionally, every year around Holi, India faces a serious water crisis, the repercussions of which we face all around the year. 

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Eco-friendly Holi with Amrutam

How to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holi

1. Use Natural Gulal / Gulaal

Of course, you saw this coming! As already mentioned, the industrial dyes are unsafe and harmful to you. Not only that, they’re also very difficult to wash off. 

The best alternative to artificial colors is natural gulal made from herbs and plants. Playing with naturally-made Gulal ensures that there is no harm to your skin, hair and eyes. 

Amrutam Herbal Gulal | Pack of 4

At Amrutam, we’ve been making natural Gulal for many years! For the yellow color, we use turmeric while for red, the goodness of roses always comes through.

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2. Avoid Playing with Water 

It may not sound as exciting, but avoiding water during your Holi celebrations will do you more good than you can imagine. 

Since, during Holi we’re still in a seasonal transition, playing with water and getting wet on the outside can make us more prone to falling sick. 

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Eco-friendly Holi with Amrutam

Playing Holi with natural Gulal is the best way to avoid indulging in water-play since you won’t have to struggle too much to wash it off. 

3. Use Biodegradable Disposables

During Holi, it is common for our friends and family to visit us and vice versa. But having guests over doesn’t necessarily have to lead to wasteful dumping! 

Switch to eco-friendly disposables made from sugarcane leaf or bamboo, or better, serve in the traditional steel plates and utensils.

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4. Try Eco-Friendly Pooja Items

The ritual of Holi Dahan originally began as an activity to purify our surroundings. To carry forward the same intent, we’ve come up with the Amrutam Holi Box with all-natural items to adorn your Pooja / Puja Samagri

Amrutam Ayurvedic Home Purifying Combo

Start the Holi Festival morning by creating a soothing and relaxing ambiance with Amrutam Dhoop Cones. Made with all-natural ingredients like Chandan Powder, Kapoor Kachhari, Jatamansi, Lemongrass, Neem, and Elaichi, Amrutam Dhoop Cones reduce stress, kill germs and harmful airborne bacteria, calm the nervous system, and elevates mood. 

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The Wheat Strand and Mustard are to be used during the Holika Dahan ritual when lighting or burning Vedik Upale (Hawan Ritual). This mini Hawan ritual combines Vedik Upale, Wheat Strand, and Mustard. 

It is beneficial for overall health as it kills microorganisms in the environment and prevents health concerns due to seasonal changes. 

Additionally, this ritual is one of the many ways of Vedic Chikitsa, an ancient method of healing physical and mental imbalances of the body through nasal delivery, designed by ancient scholars.

5. Consume Unadulterated Thandais 

We all love a good glass of Thandai, don’t we? 

Amrutam Premium Thandai Syrup

But the truth is that the Thandais sold in the market are packed with artificial flavors, unhealthy amounts of sugar, and additives. This may make your tummy upset and prevent you from enjoying your celebrations to the fullest.

Start your Holi party the right way with Amrutam Premium Thandai Syrup

Infused with nourishing ingredients like Almonds, Poppy Seeds, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Raisins, Figs and Gulkand, this Thandai Syrup is sure to elevate your Holi celebrations. Not only does it taste like a dream but is supremely beneficial to your gut health and immune system. 


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