Amrutam Contributors

Amrutam Contributors work day in and day out to put together all things incredible for our lovely Amrutam Community! Read on to learn what goes on behind the scenes.

Amrutam Contributors X Agnim Gupta

Agnim Gupta is the Principal: Tech & Growth at Amrutam. Let's dive into his journey of architect turned entrepreneur who has contributed to scaling Amrutam's growth globally. 

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Amrutam Contributors X Yash Batra

Yash Batra is the Principal: Economics & Communications at Amrutam. Let's dive into his journey of building a global brand, his Vipassana experience and a brand new book with an insight into his monthly newsletter 'The Rant.' 

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Amrutam Contributors x Naina Bajaria
 Naina is an Ayurveda Practitioner based out of the UK. She helped in curating informative videos for Amrutam's YouTube channel and also organizes live sessions for the Instagram channel! Let's learn more about Nain and her undying
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Amrutam Contributors x Gaurav Anand
Anand. Gaurav is a Photgrapher & Videographer at Amrutam who is known for his perservant eye for perfection. With over 9 years of experience, Gaurav's work has grown tremendously in diverse areas. Let's learn more about him!
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