4 Eye Exercises to Improve your Vision

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Last Friday, I wrote about five ways you can connect with your inner self.

Given the infinite scrolls our lives our stuck in, it's getting more and more important to find time for your own self. For your health and body to rejuvenate and adapt healthy lifestyle practices.

This rejuvenation is something that we all need, rather than want - something that our souls require as well - to live healthily.

Our lifestyle habits have changed drastically, between Boomers and Millenials - the way we start and end our daily routine, everything has completely flipped. Do you think Ayurveda can help us live better lives? Read more here.

One major consequence of living a poor lifestyle, with nomophobia (fear of inability to live without our smartphones) is weak eyesight.
In the past six months, two of my immediate family members in their twenties have been diagnosed with weak eyesight.

Eye concerns such as myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), Lazy Eye, and Astigmatism (Blurred Vision) are getting more common each day. Especially for young folks, eye and vision-related problems are increasing.

If we speak to our grandparents, they would how all such health problems are caused by our poor lifestyle. We start our five-six hours after sunrise and are wide awake when it's time to sleep.

Everything from our diet, sleep, and routine is against nature's rhythm and hence, we are struggling with concerns like eye problems, hair fall, stress, anxiety, pcod and the list is endless.

At Amrutam, we help you transform your life with the help of Ayurveda. Guiding you step by step, to bring manageable changes in your life which will make you healthier, more beautiful and happy.

Oops! My sincere apologies - if you have read so far and are waiting for me to reveal the eye exercises the title of this article mentioned - here you go.

These four eye exercises have been practised and vouched for by Yoga and Ayurvedic experts. I have been practising these two for the past month and have seen great results:

• My eyes feel more relaxed
• Excess pressure which I used to feel earlier has gone
• Vision is getting clearer, compared to the time before


1. Eye Push Ups


The first exercise is known as eye-push-ups.

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable position
Step 2: Hold your thumb a few inches away from your eye.
Step 3: Focus on the top part of your thumb.
Step 4: Slowly move your thumb away from your eyes, while maintaining your focus on the top part of your thumb.
Step 5: Shift your focus to the area behind the thumb, into the distance.

Repeat this exercise three times.


2. Four Directions


Step 1: Close your eyes.
Step 2: Slowly move the eyes upward, then downward.
Step 3: Repeat three times.
Step 4: Slowly move the eyes to the left, and then to the right.

Repeat this exercise three times.


3. Figure 8


The figure 8 exercise can also help ease digital eye strain.

Step 1: Focus on an area on the floor around 8 feet away.
Step 2: Move the eyes in the shape of figure 8.
Step 3: Trace the imaginary figure 8 for 30 seconds, then switch direction.


4. Blinking


Our blink rate slows down when we spend excess time on our devices which causes dryness in our eyes and also, tiredness.

Consciously blinking can help with lubrication by stimulating the oil glands in our eyes and also restoring the tear film. Blinking also helps spread the tear over the eyes.

Step 1: Blink your eyes fast, ten times.
Step 2: Pause for 5-8 seconds, close your eyes - rest.
Step 3: Slowly close your eyelids tight and then open, bink slow. Repeat this ten times.
Step 4: Repeat step 2.


Note: If you are feeling confused, always consult an expert.

Ayurvedic Recipes which can help improve our Eye Health:

1. Eye-Key Malt
2. Triphala Churna



There are reliable studies available which confirm the benefits of eye exercises for eye health.


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