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Creating Inner Harmony: Yoga Exercises for Your Dosha

Once you've figured out your dosha type (take this quiz if you're still unsure) and you're now ready to jump headfirst into yoga, we still need to be mindful of one thing. Each Dosha is unique and requires a different approach, whether it be food, lifestyle changes, and even yoga.

In this article, we've broken down the various ways you can use yoga to cater to your dosha and support your menstrual health.

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The Best Lifestyle Changes to Improve Menstrual Health
Are you feeling exhausted? Confused? Still trying to figure out what to do next? The lack of a daily routine can cause so much confusion when dealing with deadlines AND your periods. So what better than a guide that not only tells you how to make the lifestyle changes that young women would need?
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Surprisingly Common Menstrual Problems and How to Tackle Them
Managing your menstrual health while juggling your work and personal life can be quite demanding. However, by understanding the common challenges all women face, you can better prepare for them using Ayurvedic techniques and dietary recommendations. Whether it’s small changes to food or more significant ones such as your daily routine, let’s make menstrual health smooth sailing.
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How to Create a Balanced Diet Plan for Your Teen Years
As you start going through puberty, taking care of your health becomes even more important. Eating the right foods can help you feel better, especially when you start having periods. A balanced diet can reduce menstrual cramps and help keep your hormones in balance.
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Decoding Hormonal Changes in Teen Girls: A Simple Guide
Adolescence marks a pivotal phase of growth and transformation, especially for teenage girls. Rapid physical, emotional, and psychological changes characterise this phase, driven by hormonal fluctuations. This is a biological process that takes place for all teenagers during the ages 12-17.
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Top 5 Summer Foods according to Ayurveda
In our latest blog post, we reveal five must-have summer foods recommended by Ayurveda to help you beat the heat. From the ultimate hydrator to sweet saviors, these cooling delights will have you feeling refreshed and balanced in no time.
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